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Add or Edit News Release
How to add or edit news releases for your WebAdmin

In the left side of the window, under the News Release link, choose "Add News Release".
You will come to the following page:

News Release Screen
You will want to give your New Release a title, first. This is the first field on the top left.

Key Words Field will help if someone is earching for articles similar to yours. Add and key words in this field, separated by commas.

Release date will automatically be the current date, but you can change it to whatever date you like.

In the Show Where Field, you have the option of making this viewable to Only the Private Section of your site (if applicable), the Public Section, The Top Menu or the Main Menu.

On the top right, you have 3 options of what to add, if anything to the URL Field. You can simply cut and paste a URL to another website if you want to direct them there for more information. You can also load an image or document by using the File Manager, the first button to the right of the field. If you have a PDF, image, etc that is pertinant to the article, this is where you could use it. Finally, you can add a link to another page within your page with the far right button, or the Internal Site Link. This will make them go to another of your pages for more information.

Below the URL Field, you can add a contact name and email if there is one available, but these, as well as the URL Field are completely optional.
The Teaser Text Field is for a short summary of the entire article. You do have the ability to use the Editor Tools (some of them) in this section - See "Editor Tutorial" for more information on these.

In the News Story Field is where you would add the entire news story. You can also use the Editor Tools here.

When you are finished with this, you click "Add News Release" and you will be able to view it on your website.

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