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Editing Tools in Webadmin
How to use the editing tools in Webadmin

New to Webadmin - editing your article by changing fonts, colors, size, etc, without using codes!

The toolbar that can now be found when editing your articles helps ease the stress of having to remember any codes to make the article look a certain way. It has many different capabilities:
Editing Tools
Enable Content Tags - You can show keywords that would be used to search for the specific content at the end of the article by enabling Content Tags. Just above the check mark, there is a field where you can add the actual tags, separated by commas.

Enable Social Links - By enabling this, people viewing the article will be able to share your page in a much more efficient way. You can simply click the social network in which you want to share it, and it will take you to all the steps to proceed to do so.

Enable Comments - By enabling this, people reading the article have the ability to leave a comment at the bottom of page. Contains CAPTCHA to make sure comments are generated by a computer

There are also basic editing tools that can be found in programs similar to Microsoft Word:

Undo/Redo Buttons
The Undo and Redo Buttons – undo or redo your last edit

Full Screen Button
Making the window full screen - to edit so that you can have more of the screen visible to you at once

Search and Replace
Search & Replace – allows you to find a specific word in the article and replace it with another word.

Cut, Copy & Paste Buttons
Cut, Copy and Paste – removes, copies and inserts text that you have chosen (highlighted).

Table Editor Buttons
Tables – add and edit a table within the body of your article

Style Options
Styles & Formatting Button
Styles & Formatting – includes options to edit text, paragraph, list & box as well as adding custom coding.

Styles & Formatting Button
Style Selection – shows the styles being used in your article to the right of the article.

Font Button
Paragraph Buttons
Font Type, Style and Size, Paragraph, Color, and Indentation – These allow you to choose font type, size, bold, italic, underline, strikeout and color as well as paragraph alignment, numbering and bullets, and indentation options.

Special Characters Button
Special Characters – adds any characters that aren’t accessible from the keyboard – accents, symbols, etc.

*There are a few extras that work with Webadmin to help you create the best article:

LInks Buttons
Links Buttons - You are able to add bookmarks, external links (when clicked, sends you to a new page away from your website), or even internal links that take you to another article on the site.

Image Button
Add an Image – this allows you to add an image to the body of your article with ease. Once you click on it, you will have to browse the file manager for the file. If it is not in there, you browse through the file manager and find it on your computer and upload it to the file manager. You will then be able to add it to your article.

Media Button
Add media to your article – this button allows you to embed videos directly into your article. It used Visio player, so you can add anything from YouTube videos to homemade videos.

Line Button
Line Button - can add lines into any part of the article. Helpful if you are trying to create a break between 2 items.

Code View Button
View/Edit Source Button - allows you to see all the coding embeded into the article that is being written.

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