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Photo Gallery Tutorial
How to upload and organize photos for your website in WebAdmin

The Photo Gallery is a perfect place to organize all your photos to showcase on your website.
Photo Gallery can be found on the left of your WebAdmin screen about halfway down the page.
Photo Gallery Screen
The first Field is the name or title of your photo that you are going to upload.
The second field is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose which gallery you want your photo to be placed in. If you want to create a new gallery for it, keep the "New Gallery" Label and in the next field Name your new gallery.

The next field is where you are going to browse for your photo to upload. Click Browse. When the next window pops up, find it in the file you have it saved in on the computer and click open.

Choose file screen
You will then be taken back to the first window.
In the Key Words Field, you can add any words to describe the photo so that it will be easier to search for. Separate each word with commas.

In the picture caption Field you can write anything pertaining to your photo, where it was taken, who is in it, what is in it, etc.

Once you are done filling in all the fields, click "Add Photo" and it will be put into either en existing Gallery or the new gallery you created.

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