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Secure Mail Configuration

For those sites that have email hosting included in their WebAdmin site hosting, we use the SmarterMail mail server program. Secure email services are available through the SmarterMail email server.

Smarter Mail uses two different sets of ports for encrypted mail depending on if you are using SSL or TLS encryption:
SSL POP e-mail Port: 995
SSL IMAP e-mail Port: 993
SSL SMTP e-mail Port: 9090
TLS POP e-mail Port: 110
TLS IMAP e-mail Port: 143
TLS SMTP e-mail Port: 25
Outlook does not have good support for TLS. Outlook 2003 does not support it at all, Outlook 2007 only supports it on the outgoing SMTP port, but not on the incoming pop3 port.
If you MUST have TLS instead of SSL for some reason, you will have to use a different email client other than Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. This is a client issue and is not related to the hosting service or the email server. Thunderbird is one client that supports TLS on incoming and outgoing mail ports.
To set up Outlook for secure mail, Use the following settings:
Mail servers:
Incomming mail server: securemail.server5000.com
Outgoing mail server: securemail.server5000.com
If you have the option, select the "require logon using Secure Password Authentication" check box.
Use the advanced settings dialog box to set the secure ports as follows:
Outlook 2003 (SSL support Only)
Outlook 2007 SSL
Outlook 2007 TLS on outgoing SMTP port

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