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Banner Ad Management

The WebAdmin Ad Management function is a great tool for placing rotating ads or images on your site. When you decide to place banner ads or rotating images on your site, your web site designer will help you place the appropriate asp tags in your web pages to give you complete control over the ads and images on your site.
Check out an example banner ad placement on Readywebgo.com. This page has three banner ads on the left hand side of the page under "Featured Projects and Clients." Refresh the page several times and notice that each time you refresh the page, different banner ads are displayed.
The Ad Management function reports the following statistics for each of the ads that you set up to display on your site:
  • Total number of page views
  • Number of clicks
  • Click through percentage
With the statistical reporting, you have the right information at your fingertips to allow you to sell ad space on your site, or to simply track which ads and images are the most popular and effective. The Ad Management function also gives you full control over where and how often your banners or images are displayed.
You can control the following parameters:
  • Which ads are assigned to which positions on your site
  • What url the banner ad will link to when a view clicks the ad
  • Whether a click opens a new window to view the page or is displayed in the current browser window
  • How often each ad should be displayed in comparison to other ads in the same position
You can have multiple advertisers and each advertiser can have multiple banner ads in multiple locations. The WebAdmin AdManagement tool gives you the power you need to control and track all of the ads and rotating images on your site from a simple easy to use management console.
 Checkout our short Ad Management Tutorial to learn more. With WebAdmin as your site's backend control center you are in complete control.

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