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Content Manager
About the Content Manager

The Content Manager is the core application of the WebAdmin suite of tools. By adding, removing, and updating content "articles," you have the power to keep you site always fresh and up-to-date. Your site designer will set up your site navigation system to dynamically track changes to your collection of content articles and content categories.

When you make changes to your site content, those changes will automatically be reflected in your site's navigation menus and your site visitors will immediately have access to your new or updated content.  

You can check out our article editing tutorial or our category management tutorial for more detailed information on how to use the content management application.

To see WebAdmin Content manager in action, visit ETR Labs web site. They have a wealth of content that is all maintained by the staff there at ETR Labs with out the added cost or delays that would be required if they had to go back to their site designer for every change.

The Idaho Automobile Dealers Association is another example of the WebAdmin suite of programs in action. IdahoADA.org has made use of the new dynamic fly-out menus that are available with WebAdmin. This feature is particularly useful for IdahoADA because they have a large and growing body of content to manage. With the dynamic menu system, they are able to add new articles in their WebAdmin console and see the content automatically added to their site's menus.

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